This week, I decided to do a little woodworking to take my mind off of some personal stuff. I made 3 boxes with the same dimensions as the first one. The point of this was to see if each one would improve as I built them. I was right. Each one was better than the other. The sense of accomplishment when you finish a project is worth all the hard work needed to make an improvement on each one. With the first one, I decided to use nails. (What a colossal failure) The nails split the wood, bent, and the cap bent when ever I tried to pull one out. So on my next box, I used screws. Fortunately, we had construction screws which make it harder to strip the top when drilling. The box turned out great however some of the wood was warped and left little spaces. Finally, I learned from the Third one and successfully filed down the wood until it was perfectly flat and drilled all the screws in nicely. Next week I will paint the box and add a back to it.


Jack Kelly- the most awesome guy in the world who is better than Douglas


Over the past few months, I have been in the Maker Space either helping Ryan-san on his projects or mine. However, my most accomplisheded feat is a chair. I had completed the original design while some of the ALC was at Cloudhouse. It was a chair with 3 parts. The three parts were a back a seat and a leg. After realizing that the seat was not very stable attached to the back so I added shelf below to make sure the legs would stay the same distance apart. After I had put on the shelf, Abby and I put on same outdoor paint. The break came quicker then I expected and I left the Chair for a week. After the break, some Mosaic people came and one of the parents helped me out. He helped me put some shelf brackets on the bottom of the seat and attached to the back. The chair was still shaky so I attached 2 pieces that were the width of the seat below the seat. Then, I attached the piece onto the front leg and back piece. Now the chair is extremely stable. However their is still more work to do. I want to make it comfortable.


“The Beast” A story with six-word sentences

The Beast

It slowly moved back and forth. All of a sudden, it pounced. The beast’s sharp claws looked menacing. A figure crumpled next to him. Bob. Tomis dashed down the tunnel tracks. He heard the beast chasing him. Out of nowhere, the tracks ended. The beast was almost upon him. Suddenly, the ceiling collapsed. A dark figure outstretched his hand. He grabbed it impulsively. The shadowy person hauled him up.

“Who are you?” the person asked.

“I am Tomis,” he answered. “My crew and I were exploring. While we were exploring, it came. The beast attacked us outta nowhere.”

“You disturbed it,” the man answered. This is it’s lair. It didn’t used to be. It used to be an outpost. A few decades ago, it came. It slaughtered everyone but me. I have chased it for years. However, I cannot do it alone.”

“Why?” Tomis asked.

“The beast is faster and stronger. I cannot kill it. It is always aware.”

“Why are you here?” Tomis questioned.

“The man replied, “To kill it. All my friends were cut down. It ate their body parts slowly. They suffered beyond belief. It will kill your comrade too. However, he is already dead.”

“What happened to Bob?” Tomis inquired.

“The shadowy form replied, “The blow. The blow was a death blow. It will slowly bleed him out. The beast will gnaw at him. This makes the pain worse. The pain makes you scream. The pain barely keeps you alive. The beast will then decide. Have you had enough pain? Probably not. It will slowly take his life. In agony.”

“That’s horrible,” Tomis answered. “Is there anything we can do? Can we kill him? Make it easier for Bob?”

“It is unlikely,” the man said. “The beast is protective of food. It won’t allow anything near. It will finish the meal. However, there are two of us. Maybe I could help you. I’ll tell you what I know. That way you can be prepared.

“Sounds like a plan,” Tomis said. “Alright, let’s get to it.”

Carpentry part 1

Over the last couple weeks, Ryan and I have been working on carpentry. It has been very fun to measure, draw, cut and etc… One of the projects we worked on was Abby’s fossil. Abby had asked us to make a frame for her 5o million year old Chinese fish who was in a slab of limestone. Of course we said yes. Ryan and I discussed different types of designs that we could do with wood glue, nails and screws. Eventually we came with a simple frame containing five pieces. Four around the sides and one in the back. If you looked at Abby’s stone slab, you would think it was a square. Unfortunately it was not, all the sides were different.  Instead of being able to measure one side and cut four times we had to calculate each side and saw four different measurements. The measuring and cutting took about thirty to forty five minutes. After we had the pieces, we started to put the pieces together on the frame. What also did not help, was the lack of usable screws, and nails. They were either rusted, bent, too big, or too small. So we had to use a combination of nails, screws, and wood glue. We glued the pieces together and then screwed and nailed each side so that it was even more stable. The stone slab was pretty stuck inside the frame, but sometimes it would get a little loose. So we added a back of a white board. The material that the board was made of was pretty sturdy. Also, the back of the white board was showing, not the white part. Once we had glued, screwed, and nailed it in, we added an inside border of sawdust and wood glue to the border of the stone slab showing. This prevented it from moving at all. After everything was dry, we burned are initials in with a wood pen.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theory Part 2

What I have noticed about the TMNT is that they lose their weapons all the time. In one episode, they were fighting in the woods and Raphael (the turtle with the red mask) lost his sais, a Japanese type of dagger. They were fighting a monster and he never retrieved them again. Yet, he somehow ended up with them when the turtles fought the monster the second time. I am confused. Does he keep around a chest of sais, or he does he make them? All I know is that we see the TMNT constantly lose or break their weapons and then never retrieve them.

If I was the creator of the series, I would make sure their weapons ares not thrown 7 miles away. Even then, I would show a little clip of someone saying go work on your weapon while the rest talk about the plot, or show a little thing in the background of the people who lost their weapons retrieving them. Another smart thing, would be to have them fight the enemies without the weapons which were lost or shattered, making it tougher on them.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Theory Part 1

I watched a fair amount of TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) this week. I have come to understand that the show does not make much sense sometimes. They will be minding their own business around New York City, when danger arises and attacks them. They get their butts handed to them and return to their lair defeated. Then, they think of a plan and attack the threat. When they find the enemy, the plan does not work and they end up beating the foe by sheer luck. Bruised and battered, they find their way home.

Now for the nonsense. A couple episodes later, they will find the same adversary doing something illegal. They will face him and beat him without a scar.

Tune in next week to find out more about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flaws.

3 best things of this week

Number 3: Pizza walks.

The 3rd best thing about this week was the 3 walks to the pizza place with Jacob and I. We talked about a bunch of random stuff of which I already forgot. In hindsight, it was a great way to relax and take a breath. Also, have some pizza.


Number 2. V for Vendetta

I have seen V for Vendetta many times, but this time I actually understood it more. With Mary helping me with plot lines and telling me what was happening, it made the movie much easier to understand. In all, I think the movie is a great example of the secrecy and power the government can take if the people of its nation are not careful.


Number 1. Japanese with Bobu-san and Yasushi-san

This week in Japanese was even more fun. I learned how to write and say numbers in Japanese. I can now count up to 99,999. I have not yet learned 100,000. Yasushi-san also quizzed me on random numbers such as 83,792. I eventually got the hang of it and have memorized the basic numbers.

This week was a very fun week, and I hope there will be more like it.



3 best things

Again, I am going to point the 3 best things of this week.

Number 3: Blitz Brigade

Blitz Brigade is an FPS (First Person Shooter) game that is intense and fun. You play with other people on maps and kill each other. It’s pretty much a Call of Duty Game.

Number 2: SHSAT Prep

Tomorrow, I have a very important test to get into specialized high schools. I have been working for about 2 months. Last sunday, I got my best score on a practice test which would get me into the school I want to go to. My tutor was very helpful in making me understand how to do the test and which I order I should do it in. Strangely, I enjoy the test and find it fun and entertaining.

Number 1: Japanese with Yasushi-san

This week with Yasushi-san we learned how to write more in Japanese. We wrote Pokemon names and also learned are own. However me and Douglas-san made our own. I chose Kiraku the butterfly or in Japanese Romanji, Kiraku Za Cho-cho. Douglas chose Bob or Bobu-san. This class was the best part of my week.

3 best things

Again the master Japanese teacher Yasushi-san came and like before it was amazing. Me and Douglas-san learned how to write words this week. We also expanded our vocabulary and grammar understanding. I also found the game Galactic Nemesis game that was founded by some of the kids here. I obviously became the best player. And last but not least, pizza. I found the greatest 1 dollar slice two blocks away. It was amazing. I love pizza by the way.

My fourth week

I enjoyed almost everything about this week. Also, my favorite parts of this week were more fun than all of last week. I had many sword fights with Askani, Douglas, and Timo.  I also enjoyed the time I had to rest and watch Netflix. But the most fun, was the hour  and a halfof Japanese with Yasushi-san, the Japanese teacher.That class was more fun than any Chinese on a computer. In all, I had a great week and look foward to next Monday.